Political science” – what a verbal miscarriage! What science can there be in politics; except for the science of deception, obfuscation and manipulation? As a branch of philosophy, politics is a lot more than economic programs and social policies. The governance of people, communities and nations, require thorough knowledge of philosophical concepts and models. The authors of the American constitution obtained excellent guidance through great minds, such as John Locke, David Hume and Thomas Paine and In Europe philosophical giants like G.W.F. Hegel and J.W. Goethe inspired their governments in social policies and moral issues.
What we know is that without prominent moral thinkers and great philosophical minds society cannot find humanity. Weiterlesen



During the end of the Vietnam War I met a US Marine in Hong Kong. We discussed Western involvement in this part of the world and I explained my admiration for the Chinese and Indochinese cultures. The Marine said: “What can you expect from a person who carries a grain of rice with two sticks but two buckets of shit with one.” I found that funny and we had a few good laughs that night, before he had to ship out. But this little episode made me think deeply about the importance of politics and culture. Weiterlesen