Truth is neither ideologically left nor right. The only associates of truth are reality and reason. The new liberalism is allowing people to interpret truth and to make it an issue of social emancipation and compromise. Governments want truth to be nothing more than mutable social fashion, rather than an absolute. A rigid moral and ethic yardstick is something that a government could be measured against. Therefore, truth (any truth) should be flexible and amoebic; an entity which only the state and the popular media are in positions to define.  Weiterlesen


[Excerpts from the observations of a well-traveled Warrior]

Some media representatives behave with almost the same arrogance as the politicians they monitor and censor “on our behalf”. They consider themselves as part of a “shadow government” and the ultimate arbitrator of political truth. However, the media is spreading the “political correctness” of the social activism and wielding it like a devastating weapon against anyone who is not in line with their liberal agenda and in violation of their ideal collective rules; thus shackling genuine political diversity. Weiterlesen