The “Western Empire” with it’s de facto capital New York is in steep decline. Those who think that America’s advanced weaponry would guarantee eternal dominance and rule are mistaken. They haven’t read (or understood) history. For history is the only true reality where we can find proof for all deeds causes and consequences. Man never understood that nature is a multiplier of his actions and what he wishes for he often gets in spades. The endgame is always tilted towards destruction, industrial and economic progress in history have been temporary surges – societies can maintain a balance at best.

A great problem has been that mankind measures progress in economical and technological advancement, rather than by man’s character, civility and understanding.

Past empires declined mostly for outside reasons, s.a. ascent and invasion of stronger cultures, climatic changes and other natural causes, but hardly ever because of intended random self-destruction. Warlords typically set out to
conquer, but today we are witnessing the wholesale destruction of the very homelands of those rulers, who are attacking the social fabric of their citizens together with the global economy and promote the targeted elimination of many – if not most – industrial achievements of the past.

Who are those rulers?
Firstly, don’t confuse Presidents, Chancellors and Prime ministers with this small powerful and largely “invisible” elite. No head-of-state gets elected without their consent, they are true Globalists and don’t care (and never did) about national interests. To them nation-states are of no other importance than to benefit from trade and conflicts.
In the longer term these structures stand in the way of their plans for universal control for resources and populations. Their official motto is to “sacrifice the world to save the planet” – through globally induced socialism. What makes it particularly horrifying is that this enormous effort and proposed sacrifice is not at all a worthwhile experiment where humanity is to gain as a whole, but for a re-set into an anticipated communist dystopia.

How did we get there?
After the collapse of universal hard-core
communism proletarian revolutions became somewhat unpopular, especially in western industrialized democracies. The invisible elite surely defended democracy as the antidote to the remaining (and rising) competition of Russia and China. Unfettered capitalism (in Europe rather a social-feudalism) with ever booming markets and economies helped to maintain this sense of the indestructible American Dream for the masses. Easy credit, social media, lifestyle gadgets, entertainment and activism – panem et circenses – distracted the populace from being slowly cooked…

Concepts for a global government and a new world order sprung up with the dawn of
WW I., through the literary works of
H. G. Wells and in the more concrete political vision of groups, such as the Fabian Society. All those and subsequent movements are socialist in nature. Actually quite brilliant, where the loyalty and bondage of the masses is to a communal-system – supposedly their own (in China the CCP) – rather than to a single tyrant, who of course would hold total control from the shadows (as in the example of Pol Pot and Mao). Modern socialism will be of course much more subtle and gradual.

After decades of wait-and-see to where the post-war developments were drifting and focusing on the establishment of a Jewish State, the time ripened for the Globalists to make creeping moves to embark on more radical social engineering.

The following (logical) stages are: –

Stage 1.
Headline motto: “Equal Rights & Opportunities”

Social fragmentation and slow and steady dissolution of the traditional family through same-sex marriage and adoption rights, women in military, gender and race-quota in corporations and politics, etc.
Pushing Political Correctness to new heights, look out for racially mixed casts in soap operas (increasingly with pretty “Muslimas”. In the series “NCIS New Orleans” i.e. a wheelchair-bound black guy plays the indispensable IT specialist, etc). Advertising in Europe could make you think you are watching the anthropology channel. German class-rooms often got less than 10 percent indigenous German kids, who are being pulled down to the academic standards of their Syrian class-mates.

Stage 2.
Fighting Terrorism
Headline motto: “9/11 and Islamization”

Paradoxically entire Europe actually opened all borders to indiscriminate immigration from Muslim countries and Africa, for “humanitarian” reasons ostensibly as result of the wars in Middle East and North Africa. There is a clear intention to dilute local cultures and traditions, to cause social upheaval, and to distract from chaotic internal politics.
Many of those are frustrated or radicalized and proven to become would-be sleepers, gaining easy access to new identities and eventually hook-up with networks in the US.

Stage 3.
Climate Change
Headline motto: “Save the Planet”

Combating Global Warming and CO2 emission. Demonizing nuclear power, state support for “renewable” energy, the lunatic push for EV, sucking the life-blood out of R&D and lower interest in much more sensible alternative drives and technologies.

This stage was meant as the first universal attempt to leverage control over the global population, their actions, habits and behavior. But the “invisible elite” seemed to have grossly overestimated the propped-up power of a precocious teenager. Despite the doomsday messages, feverish deployment of social media, lectures in front of world-leaders and an embarrassed scientific community and other gimmicks such as “carbon-trading” and ridiculous appeals to reduce our “carbon-footprints”, etc. – the populace didn’t quite take the bait.

Stage 4.
Population Control
Headline motto: “Combating a Global Pandemic”

Ingenious strategy to implement worldwide synchronized drastic control over peoples‘ movements and social and economic behavior, through a simple declaration by a thoroughly corrupt and incompetent “neutral and humanitarian” international organization (WHO). The beauty is that politicians can hide behind the scientists (who are bought or mostly equally ignorant of the actual facts), and – best of all – a horrified and grateful populace plays voluntarily along eager to save the world along with their own lives.
By empowering the WHO the diplomatic complexities of convincing all nations to march in lockstep with those absurd measures are elegantly circumvented. It is not surprising that nations usually hostile to the West are equally enthusiastically embracing the Covid-19 scare, as it provides them with a unique opportunity to bring down further terror and restrictions on their people without the usual outcries of the human-rights lobbies (who seemed to have been muted ever since).

Stage 5.
Digital Money
Headline motto: “Cashless Society & Secure Payments”

China has taken the lead. Inconvenient government critics and dissidents are being kept on a short financial leash. Write a negative comment about a CCP-leader on a social media platform and your cash-card won’t have enough balance to buy your next train ticket from Beijing to Shanghai, etc.
Converting to a cashless system is a slick way to bury the astronomical government debts and the only way for a financial re-boot. How many of those new “DIGIDOLLARS” will replace your bank account is entirely up to the Central Bankers. Soon they can – like financial disc jockeys on a sound-mixer – move the slides arbitrarily up and down, we won’t have any say in the music, weather they want us to dance to tango or rap, lol.

he Endgame:

In all former (and some present) socialist/communist regimes the governments moved against their capitals and big cities, as the breeding grounds of potential opposition.
The city is the seat of an influential middle class, generally educated, informed, critical and independent, traits which an authoritarian statist government cannot tolerate. A large concentration of highly mobile people also makes state control more difficult. The Bolsheviks, Mao and Pol Pot all cleared out their major metropoles, tightly restricted residency-rights and cut off funding. Surprising historical similarities everywhere: decay, ineffective unmotivated law-enforcement, alienation and repurposing of old neighborhoods in the cities, destruction or disruption of any remaining social fabric, thus fragmenting the groups and playing the different interests against each others.

Reinforcing central government control by decree and limiting of state-autonomy. Direct interference in the economy by subsidies for one industry and legal restrictions on others.
[The push for EV has nothing to do with environmental concerns. The highly poisonous rare earth metals needed to build battery-powered electric engines – for which there is not yet any recycling process – exposes those concerns as deeply dishonest. What is desired, though, is the limited range of those vehicles and lack of recharge stations. Furthermore, EVs make locating and tracing their drivers a breeze.]

Restrictions in travel – even on national levels – takes away the freedom of movement, just like in socialist states, where one needs permits from local governments to move from one province into another and lengthy visa processes for crossing the borders.
With mandatory vaccination around the corner you won’t soon be able to enter your favorite deli without presenting a vaccination-pass, which will contain more readable personal data than all your ID-papers combined! Does that sound out of the socialist’s playbook?

Make no mistake: America is not divided into Republicans and Democrats – but into Republicans and Socialists. There is no “Democratic” Party in the USA! The handful of ultra-rich, ultra-powerful invisibles share the same legacy as the Bolsheviks of the Russian Revolution and Marxist theorists.

If you think any government would
ever release their grip on your lives even after every single being on the planet got that toxic brew in their veins – think again: The Holy Grail of a bloodless world-wide coup for “cosmic” leadership within reach, after decades of patient but ruthless and single-minded pursuit – they would be in fact insane to let go, after all that huge political risk! Who is “they”? Ask your Rabbi!

Look to Europe – the traditional breeding ground for marxist thought – their scheme is already advanced. In Germany, chancellor Angela Merkel of the officially conservative Christ-Democrats (CDU) has positioned her party to the left even of the socialist SPD and Green Party. (Merkel is a former functionary of the fallen East-German regime and willing servant of the Jewish lobby.) She shut off nuclear power, disfiguring German landscapes with wind-turbines (each containing 4 tons (!) of toxic rare earth metals). The third strongest economy – destroyed in favor of delusional green-socialist ideologies: The proud successful German car-industry in shambles, 100.000s laid off, traditional famous world-wide brands – the nation’s greatest economic assets – are bankrupt. Once powerful industrial engines for global industrialization, rising out of the ashes of WW II. are reduced to low-tech workshops, begging to be swallowed by booming wealthy Chinese corporations in a process of practical reverse colonization. The British government vowed to eliminate combustion engines (of any kind) by 2030.

Germany especially has been indiscriminately flooded with migrants from the poorest corners of the globe, peoples with a culture diametrically opposed to theirs, yet given more privileges and rights than indigenous citizens. Those “refugees” (which in fact they are not by any standards) exploit liberal legal systems, maim or murder, steal and rape with a slap on the wrist.
In England, Germany and France Muslim criminals often walk free, whilst a German grandmother of 85 years of age sits since 2 years in prison for publicly questioned the numbers of victims of the holocaust!

European government cabinet-posts are increasingly occupied by “race-and gender quota” figures, who are without exceptions serving the left-wing constituents.
The Covid-”Pandemic” not only distracts from the entire spectrum of this intense social engineering but actually aids in this scheme.

The planned unconditional basic income” will destroy entrepreneurship and eliminate the natural challenges in life. We doubt it will ever make a dent in crime, but it sure will reduce the character-forming competition in career, education and sport to a pure minimum, without the incentive to reward hard work, discipline and talent – another similarity to socialism.

The irony can make you choke.

The white middle-class stands in the way of a ruthless plan for globalization,
where all 7 trillions earthlings form a huge caramel-colored mass of mindless sheep, consuming Amazon’s useless gadgets, and with your lifespan predetermined by the invisible elite through the WHO and their “Philanthropic” (lol) Funds (Rockefeller, Melinda-Gates, etc.) with their Big-Pharma-stooges, and their dirty vaccines and drugs against non-existing “diseases”. Celebration of diversity for all, but the ones who led the world into freedom, progress and enlightenment in the first place. Their dumb liberal bleeding-heart white advocates and political whores selling out to the very ideologies against which 100-thousands of their best, bravest and brightest fell in battle.

Political correctness was to condition us to this new brave world, to accept domination, redistribution, social restructuring and re-purposing.

On the official web-page of the
World Economic Forum 2020 plans for a universal global “Great Re-set” are openly promoted. There it is clearly stated that Covid-19 is reason, cause and necessity rolled into one. Creepy: This scenario for WW III. against all mankind can be found as early as 2010 in a brochure of the Rockefeller Foundation (link below). One year later Bill Gates goes on stage and in a chilling presentation publicly peddles world-wide euthanasia as solution to all global ills – from climate change to wholesale egalitarianism (link below). At that time most folks took it as a kind of academic purely theoretical mind game, no one connected the dots, then. (At the post-war Nuremberg Trial, German SS-officers were hanged for such crimes and all of Nazi Germany was condemned for the very idea of euthanasia.)

The ancient roman emperor
Nero wanted to see his capital burn – the invisible elite want to burn every achievement and project of individual entrepreneurs and industry which is not aligned with their vision for international control. They don’t care about the ginormous unimaginable cost of their universal destruction of values and the cost for (temporary) compensations to the jobless and bankrupt – the financial re-set will wipe the slate clean and make the wealthy participants of Davos wealthier than ever before. What is much more important, though, will be that the hitherto influential and mobile middle-class will lose everything and be absorbed into the huge masses to live living on a state-guaranteed “unconditional basic income” – the crumbs off the table of those who made it to the ruling few.

In actual history the massive Roman Empire was towards the end divided in East Rome and West Rome under different rulers, perhaps like Washington and Beijing. Also in history East Rome outlasted the West. As the
Mephistopheles speaks in Goethe’s most famous work “Faust”: Everything that arises is worth perishing”

There is a little hope if you remember: Even the masters of Davos can do shit without a willing uninformed public!


The Great Re-set

Bill Gates‘ euthanasia

Rockefeller Foundation

TED notice (Pfizer vaccine side effects)

9 Gedanken zu „ROME IS BURNING

      • Lieber alphachamber:
        „P.S. Wir hätten gerne Ihre Prognose für einen möglichen Ausgang… Cheers“

        Das wollen Sie nicht wissen, da es Sie verunsichern könnte.

        Nein, Spaß beiseite. Was soll man erwarten? Nun wir haben das Schlimmste noch nicht gesehen. Es ist ein liberaler Albtraum aber das können unsere „sozialdemokratischen“ Politiker noch toppen.

        Ich schreibe nur ein paar Zahlen hin: > 7 000 000 000 000 Zins für Staatsanleihen < 0 %. 19 % weniger Autos verkauft (das könnte dann mehr als 20 % Entlastungen nach sich ziehen. Grüne im Aufwind und auf dem Weg zweitstärkste bis stärkste Partei zu werden.

        Was genau soll man da an Gutem erwarten? Der Ausnahmezustand kann durchaus verstetigt werden, wie lange und wie extrem? Weiß ich nicht, allein schon die Idee mit den 15 km Umkreis um seinen Wohnort ….

        Leider halten sich die Polizisten an. Wir schützen die Politiker/Regierungsvertreter statt dem Bürger. Und somit haben wir wieder einmal – schreiben wir mal – Leute die Befehlen gehorchen und was daraus wird haben wir in D oft genug gesehen.

        Nur einen kleinen Hinweis erlaube ich mir noch:

        In einem D was so weit nach links gerutscht ist braucht man natürlich ein Feindbild. Der Bürger bietet sich an und der ÖRR legt gerade heute mal wieder nach. Wie die national konservativen Hitler etc etc…

        Und ja aus dem Link entnehme ich
        "Liberale sind in einem bestimmten Bereich dümmer als selbst der dümmste Antifakämpfer – mit Ihrer Weigerung für liberale Standpunkt auch politisch einzutreten und wenn es nicht anders geht sich selber zu verteidigen. Dann rufen auch diese nach dem ach so “tollen” Staat. Die Millionen Gräber aus den Kriegen zeigen wieviel man davon zu halten hat – genau nichts.

        Liberale verraten Ihre Ideale für ein bisschen länger Frieden mit einem umso schrecklicheren Ende – Idioten."

        Das ist das ganz besonders Schlimme, noch könnte man aber nicht mal die Liberalen wollen! Wenn Liberalismus geht, geht damit unweigerlich die Freiheit und mit weniger Freiheit bleibt nur was übrig?

        Meine Prognose ist solange keine günstige, solange die Sozialdemokraten bis Sozialisten an der Macht bleiben….

        Den Rest können Sie sich sicher selber an Ihren Fingern abzählen. Was Sie ja im Grunde mit Ihrem Eintrag schon gemacht haben….

      • Hallo FDominicus,
        Danke fuer Ihre Einschaetzung.
        „Nun wir haben das Schlimmste noch nicht gesehen…“
        Denken wir auch. Sehen wir, wie lange sich der Internationale Schulterschluss aufrechterhalten laesst. Cheers

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