Not too long ago, up to the middle of this century, it was perfectly normal for a man to consider himself responsible for the protection of his estate as well as his personal security and that of his loved ones. No self-respecting gentleman, of any degree of breeding, would have thought of leaving this elementary task in the hands of strangers, such as the police.

The “law” was called when a bank got robbed or to investigate crimes already committed. However, in liberal times it became socially unacceptable in many parts of western society to prepare for self-protection by carrying a weapon, engage in weapon training or even practicing a combat sport.

In a time of “feminization” of our society, when the concept of gender-specific duties is promoted as being chauvinistic and women strife to become more like men and men more like women, important values get corrupted. The leftist media has been busily spearheading this trend by hyping the “sensitive urban male” and by creating other ridiculous developments as the irresistible way to the social future. This would lead us further into becoming mindless and spineless mutants who lost their own moral compass and need to rely on the authorities for truth and logic. If the classic gentleman is being typecast as an “out-of-sync” and irrelevant curiosity, then his traditional values, such as honor, respect and righteousness would also become redundant, or so many are hoping!

People in many western societies are now in serious doubt about their responsibilities; except, of course, for those owed to their governments. In fact, many of the “modern” fears result directly from insecurities and confusion caused by the conflicts between the traditional social instincts and newly introduced liberal behavior (political correctness).

It has become civilized to let the lawyers or bureaucratic institutions deal with just about each and every dispute, disagreement, personal complaint or contractual issue and there seems nothing which cannot be settled in court! If you have accepted your own basic responsibilities, without the need for becoming a social crusader or an activist who has the right answers for everyone, let your rational mind be your guide.


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