[Excerpts from the observations of a well-traveled Warrior]

Some media representatives behave with almost the same arrogance as the politicians they monitor and censor “on our behalf”. They consider themselves as part of a “shadow government” and the ultimate arbitrator of political truth. However, the media is spreading the “political correctness” of the social activism and wielding it like a devastating weapon against anyone who is not in line with their liberal agenda and in violation of their ideal collective rules; thus shackling genuine political diversity.

It seems hypocritical to be selling yourself as vanguard of social freedom and justice for minorities and special interest groups, but simultaneously supporting schemes which are designed to limit the freedom of expression for major parts of the population. This self-perception of working for social justice may give the media the idea that they are the champions of truth; when in fact the truth only bears attraction if it can be used to discredit the adversary. After all, it is the concept of political correctness which is stifling common sense and logical behavior.

Most western countries fell already victim to prescribed political correctness, whilst most eastern cultures continue happily with their traditional policies and practices. If you are somewhere in East Asia, for example, and you are from the west you are a called the equivalent of “barbarian” or “foreign ghost”. Similarly, if your skin is black, you are called a black person; not a “colored” person, because your skin looks black, not colored like a rainbow! This is a basic description of the facts. Fat people elsewhere are referred to simply as “fat”, not “obese”. Most foreign cultures don’t bother with those evasive word creations. Ironically, the originators of the politically correct vocabulary bear also joint-responsibility for perverting our perception of justice through verbal obfuscation.
It is amusing to see in the job announcements of United Nation Agencies and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) this little “equalizer” below their search ads: “we are an equal opportunity employer; women and members of ethnic minorities or handicapped persons are especially encouraged to apply”. There you have it – some people will always be more equal than others!

What I am trying to show,is that a society which is genuinely concerned with truth, does not need to encourage their brightest minds to spend time on restructuring our language in order to manipulate social and cultural realities and to trap opposing minds with phony dialectics. The truth itself is enough; it is already ethical and correct and can stand alone, without the “political”. But perhaps political correctness only appeals to the “mentally challenged” anyhow?

What does this all mean to the warrior? It means that he must work on his perspectives of morality and ethics and not let those values get corrupted by political correctness or social fashions. Throughout or lives we have to make daily decisions; it is up to you whether they will be guided by your sound principles, or perceived majority expectations. the choices are only difficult for the weak or ignorant!


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